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    Pallan density

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The popularity rank in USA is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 428+ people named Pallan

» Popular firstnames for surname Pallan

      Marion   Tami   Albina   Mildred   Ann   Alfonso   Julie   Leonardo   Thomas   Quentin   Dave   Suman   Olac   William   Edward   Genna   Rachel   Virginia   Franklin   Pedro   Narinder   Daniel   Sam   Jay   Maria   Stefanie   Ronald   Shalys   Lynn   Michele   Sonya   Ruben   Pallan   Lawrence   Jaquelyn   Greta   Dale   Christina   Derick   Moises   Valentina   Richard   Kenneth   Madonna   Anselmo   Camille   Carolyn   Deanna   David   Eva   Steven   Deana   John   Eleanor   Jesus   Carlos   Edwardo   Michelle   Jose   Pete   Tanya   Miguel   Sipriana   Angela   Sylvia   Delia   Lorena   Vanessa   Alondia   Roger   Steve   Benito   Irma   Rosanne   Patricia   Lisa   Rudolph   Florence   Laura   Arthur   Claramae   Marie   Holly   Kevin   Frank   Sherry   Dennis   Michael   Anne   Dolores   Pann   Sunil   Devinder   Rubin  




20+6-1 = ?

manoj says: Pallan ro pallar this name belongs to some historical cast people's name is pallan in tamilnadu(india)this people belongs to moovendar tht means 3 kingdom (Pandiyan dynasty,chola dynasty and chera dynasty)that r connect to Rome and greeces and red Indian then Mayan thay r called also mallar in south Indian

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