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South Africa311232

    Langton density

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The popularity rank in USA is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 3327+ people named Langton

» Meaning

Name Langton means Long

» Web Summary

Langton is the head of defense analysis at the international institute for strategic studies in london.
Langton is responsible for facilitating and encouraging indigenous studies across the university.
Langton is internationally renowned for his work on complexity and especially artificial life.
Langton is known for her mysteries as well as her novels for young adults.
Langton is in the middle of a battle between mobsters and federal agents.

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      Lisa   Kevin   Charles   Thomas   Tom   Robert   Michelle   Marsha   Mary   Joslyn   Norma   James   Laurette   Marlynn   Deborah   Debbie   Eileen   Raymond   Michal   Renee   Patricia   Pat   Michael   Nancy   Joyce   Mercedes   Francis   Joseph   Katherine   Steele   Susen   Violet   Laurence   Lynn   Albert   Erica   Carol   John   Candy   Elizabeth   David   George   Trevor   Wanda   Jean   Cleve   Gail   Melanie   Sean   William   Martha   Edward   Marguerite   Susan   Wilson   Jennifer   Cherubi   Timothy   Joan   Liz   Kathleen   Sylvia   Tyler   Priscilla   Linda   Mellisa   Elaine   Gerard   Allan   Regina   Jeanette   Nichole   Leatrice   Evelyn   Scott   Samantha   Ben   Frances   Harry   Eva   Steven   Chad   Rodney   Aimee   Diane   Clifford   Maureen   Ashley   Daniel   Bradley   Richard   Audrey   Phillip   Amy   Ruth   Bernard  




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