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  1. NY = 23
  2. CA = 23
  3. FL = 18
  4. TX = 12
  5. PA = 7
  6. NJ = 7
  7. VA = 6
  8. IL = 5
  9. CT = 4
  10. RI = 3

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South Africa6238

    Ivor density

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The popularity rank in USA is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 192+ people named Ivor

» Meaning

Name Ivor means Archer'S Bow

» Web Summary

Ivor is our resident data product specialist providing specific expert help on various data products.
Ivor is delighted to have been given this opportunity to work and serve again at.
Ivor is known for the personal touch and service he provided his customers.
Ivor is more than willing to spend time giving friendly.
Ivor is married to serena and they have two children.

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      Baker   Alan   Schwartzman   Macleod   Bridge   Braka   Baliu   Reynolds   Kacenberg   Mclean   Milcarek   Moore   Whitson   Simpson   Richardson   Peters   Hall   Griffith   Roy   Garraway   Lindsay   Elrifi   Young   James   Charles   Newman   Hunt   Walker   Benci   Thimbrel   Traber   Weller   Adam   Villagra   Linda   Evans   Durham   Bradley   Delacruz   Walton   Benjamin   Thompson   Griffiths   Simmonds   Lewis   Eze   Mctavish   Hanson   Pais   Burnett   Yhap   Ball   Robert   Freyermuth   Bruce   Angus   Rankine   Henriquez   Zimmelman   Steadman   Foo   Lecky   Hugh   Hay   Madsen   Frederickson   Flannery   Nicholas   Martin   Little   Williams   Stankovic   Godeau   Lovrak   Robinson   Oneill   Hallett   Smith   Hughes   Edmunds   Kathryn   Chodkowski   Ottway   London   Tham   Kattan  




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