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    Delicia density

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The popularity rank in USA is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 193+ people named Delicia

» Meaning

Name Delicia means Charming

» Web Summary

Delicia is a conserve which has a very high fruit to sugar content.
Delicia is our first female norwegian forest cat.
Delicia is positioned in the premium category.
Delicia is the best speller in this classroom.
Delicia is thought to have had a cresol base.

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      Mayer   Chambus   Mariela   Gabriel   Garnes   Mark   Franco   Angel   Amante   Dominicana   Bleck   Lewis   Barba   Bryce   Saldivar   King   Schutz   Platas   Varela   Ponce   Biddle   Hernandez   Smith   Bernard   Mevorah   Thelisma   Chin   Barber   Derilus   Arnold   Buckley   Guillotte   Gilbert   Fuller   Carey   Sharp   Thomas   Gonzales   Montalvo   Espinoza   Fox   Cervantez   Cuellar   Patterson   Lisa   Ruiz   Lopez   Ellis   Harris   William   Williams   Allen   Bennett   Taylor   Ollie   Frances   Bowling   Ratliff   Johnson   Davis   Martin   Naranjo   Reynolds   Lucky   Seymour   Derrick   Thornton   Washington   Rice   Scotton   Frank   Montoya   Mccalla   Hardy   Loveless   Porter   Keeton   Delicia   Vicinanza  




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