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  1. NY = 894
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  3. FL = 335
  4. MA = 303
  5. IL = 264
  6. CT = 259
  7. CA = 212
  8. MO = 198
  9. NJ = 159
  10. IN = 142

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    Bova density

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The popularity rank in USA is #6465
Worldwide there are 6184+ people named Bova

» Meaning

Name Bova means The German name Bova means - brave; illustrious

» Web Summary

Bova is the author of more than 90 futuristic novels and nonfiction books.
Bova is the founder and president of business performance advantage.
Bova is the first in a group of other talented engineers.
Bova is at times much grittier than his mars books.
Bova is selling the technology for the building of.

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      Joseph   Ashley   Jeremy   Chris   Tracy   Rome   Susan   Kristy   Lori   Bob   Bryan   Frank   Stephen   Julie   Lon   Louise   Lena   Anthony   Craig   Mike   Preston   Barbara   Sue   Anne   Robert   Kucha   Burnadette   Leslie   Blase   Angelo   Karen   Paul   Elizabeth   Matthew   Salvatore   Josephine   Gregory   Gaspar   Darhl   Antoinette   Mark   Cynthia   Michael   Josephin   Eleanor   Clarence   Erin   Peter   Noreen   Barnes   Mary   Brian   Theresa   Betty   Patti   James   Angela   Jami   Donald   Angelia   Larry   Pat   Jennifer   Vanessa   Jackie   Anice   Michelle   Jean   Gianna   Edmond   Tony   Steve   Jamie   Kim   Fredrick   Dawn   Linda   Kelley   Kathryn   Kimberly   Marie   Augustine   William   Sarah   Martha   Penny   Rita   Rebecca   Christine   Jerold   Olga   Pauline   Maria   Patricia   Vincent   Jessica   Eugene   Jeffrey  




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