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  1. Birmingham = 33
  2. London = 27
  3. Nottingham = 17
  4. Swadlincote = 17
  5. Derby = 10
  6. Chard = 7
  7. Leeds = 7
  8. Newark = 6
  9. Plymouth = 6
  10. Brighton = 5

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    Mear density

» Ranking

The popularity rank in UK is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 944+ people named Mear

» Meaning

Meaning of name Mear is not known.

» Famous people

Casey James Mears is the driver of the #13 GEICO Ford for Germain Racing in the Sprint Cup Series.
Rick Ravon Mears is a retired American race car driver.
Ray mond Paul "Ray" Mears is an English woodsman, instructor, author and TV presenter.
Tyrone Mears is an English professional footballer of Sierra Leonean descent who currently plays as a right-back for Bolton Wanderers.
Derek Mears is an American actor and stuntman, best known for his role as Jason Voorhees in the reboot of Friday the 13th.
Roger Mears , is a former off-road driver who also drove in the USAC and CART Championship Car series.
Lee Mears is a former English rugby union footballer, who played hooker at Bath.
Stephen Mear is an English dancer and choreographer best known for his award-winning work in musical theatre.
Joseph Theophilus "JT" Mears , was an English businessman, most notable for co-founding Chelsea Football Club.




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