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  1. Sheffield = 65
  2. London = 22
  3. Manchester = 10
  4. Swansea = 7
  5. Edinburgh = 6
  6. Doncaster = 4
  7. Swanley = 3
  8. Nottingham = 3
  9. Northampton = 3
  10. York = 3

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    Eckhardt density

» Ranking

The popularity rank in UK is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 6663+ people named Eckhardt

» Meaning

Meaning of name Eckhardt is Variant spelling of Eckhard

» Famous people

Jeff rey Edward Eckhardt is a former English professional footballer.
Fred Eckhardt is an American brewer, homebrewing advocate and publicist.
Fritz Eckhardt was an Austrian actor, director, and writer.
Edris Eckhardt was an American artist associated with the Cleveland School.
Greg ory Eckhardt is an American soccer player.
Franz Eckhardt is an Austrian bobsledder who competed in the early 1950s.
Eckhardt Schultz is a competition rower and Olympic champion for West Germany.
Peter Eckhardt is an Australian slalom canoer who competed in the early 1990s.
Hermann Eckhardt was a highly decorated Oberfeldwebel in the Wehrmacht during World War II.
Friedrich Wilhelm Eckhardt was a German engineer and head of the design office for the Berliner Maschinenbau Aktien Gesellschaft vormals L.




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