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  1. Leeds = 150
  2. Sheffield = 129
  3. London = 76
  4. Manchester = 74
  5. Wakefield = 72
  6. Bradford = 66
  7. Nottingham = 62
  8. Derby = 35
  9. Plymouth = 34
  10. Bristol = 32

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    Earnshaw density

» Ranking

The popularity rank in UK is #2138
Worldwide there are 1788+ people named Earnshaw

» Meaning

Meaning of name Earnshaw is not known.

» Famous people

George "Moose" Earnshaw was a Major League Baseball pitcher.
Samuel Earnshaw was an English clergyman and mathematician, noted for his contributions to theoretical physics, especially "Earnshaw's Theorem".
Reginald Hamilton Earnshaw , known as Reggie Earnshaw, is believed to have been the youngest person in the British services to die in World War II.
Anthony Earnshaw was an English anarchist, artist, author, and illustrator.
Eleri Earnshaw is a football player and coach who plays for the Welsh national team and coaches SoccerPlus, Connecticut.
William Earnshaw was a New Zealand Member of Parliament for two Dunedin electorates representing the Liberal Party.
Russell Dean Earnshaw is a rugby union player who currently plays flanker for English Championship side Birmingham & Solihull Rugby Club.
Laurence Earnshaw , was an English mechanic.




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