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The popularity rank in Romania is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 109+ people named Mikki

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Name Mikki means Abbreviation Of Michaela

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Mikki is always combined with a wheelchair and requires seat upholstery that allows easy handling of the wheelchair.
Mikki is worried about a series of inexplicable accidents in the market.
Mikki is timid he is still out going and very much fun to have around.
Mikki is more of a roamer around the basket and plays above the rim.
Mikki is suspicious when she is refused entry to a small town fete.

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      Dourgham (5)   Dougham (2)   Gabriela (1)  





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Ioana Mikki says: Hi! I would like to let you know there are more with Mikki surname: me (Ioana Mikki), my husband Amer Mikki and my daughter Sohaila Maria Veturia Mikki. As well, my daughter is not listed in Sohaila as first name.

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