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Worldwide there are 51+ people named Tupa
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Famous people:

Rajah Tupas of Cebu in the Pre-Hispanic Philippines.
Ngai Ngatara Tupa is a Cook Islands politician and former member of the Cook Islands Parliament.


Name Tupa means from the greek name tsupas

Web Summary:

Tupa is proposing a bill that would require that 10 percent of the vehicles in the state.
Tupa is planning to introduce legislation to lower the drinking age for purchasing 3.
Tupa is not the only potential source of liability arising from office sharing.
Tupa is a veteran who does an excellent job of pinning teams deep.
Tupa is an active member of the capitol hill toastmasters.

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Common surnames for Tupa:

       Apolosio Dhionis Joe Khuon Nancy Adolph Troy Jeffrey Carmen Mark Sarker Sado Sultana Patsan Albert Turkova Eralp


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Top Countries:
  1. Brazil = 23
  2. USA = 22
  3. UK = 2
  4. Australia = 2
  5. India = 1
  6. Turkey = 1




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