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Famous people:

Karel Tuns was a Belgian boxer who competed in the 1924 Summer Olympics.
Myo Min Tun is a footballer from Myanmar.
Tin Tun Journal, a banned news magazine published by exiled activists.


Name Tuns means from the word tuns haircut ; see also the toponymic name tunsi

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Tuns is a traditional 17th century inn with all the character to go with it.
Tuns is dedicated to professional education and research in engineering.
Tuns is possibly the only pub in canterbury which serves old peculier.
Tuns is finally to have a new owner and was welcomed to the meeting.

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       Bash Florian Fasida Amao Makanjuola Tyu


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Top Countries:
  1. Romania = 2
  2. UK = 2
  3. Nigeria = 1
  4. Turkey = 1
  5. USA = 1
  6. Belgium = 1




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