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Worldwide there are 81+ people named Tuni
The popularity rank is #N/A

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Name Tuni means Old Danish short form of Þórniútr

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Tuni is on the net via cable modem with roadrunner.
Tuni is become again that of last year.
Tuni is outspoken against racism.
Tuni is funny so ill leave it.
Tuni is that of elegant blue.

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Common surnames for Tuni:

       Tebele Schefano Graham Sharpe Kern Tato Kok Weber Hua Reid Hockman Masi Bekmezcioglu Oleg Dianda Komljenovic Bhattacharyya Malia Randall Maluf Duailibi Scarlassari Pereira Bancin Mitrany Gumau Mocevakaca Isa Bjørklund Bragstad Suanov Serova Shariff Monserrat Fib Feliu Berndt Indras


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 59
  2. India = 7
  3. Australia = 3
  4. France = 2
  5. UK = 2
  6. Brazil = 1
  7. New Zealand = 1
  8. Norway = 1
  9. Nigeria = 1
  10. Malaysia = 1




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