Gender: Unisex: (7% feminine, 93%masculine)


Worldwide there are 6317+ people named Tung
The popularity rank is #3951

Famous people:

Ho-Pin Tung is a Chinese-Dutch auto-racing driver who races with a Chinese license.
Bill Tung Biu was a Hong Kong actor and horse racing commentator.
Shing-Tung Yau is a Chinese-born American mathematician.
Tung Chao Yung , also known as C.



Web Summary:

Tung is basically a banner which is made from either a piece of cloth.
Tung is free to use figures in conducting his own financial affairs.
Tung is almost multiplex with so many shows and circuses going on.
Tung is not receiving enough support from the civil servants.
Tung is a classic but quaint station with a tilted double.

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Common surnames for Tung:

       Ngo Yang Cheng Wan Sha Peng Lieu Lee Chan Nguyen Chau Dinh Wong Hoang Huynh Lai Trinh Tran Ting Kwok Choi Chu Leung Tnag Chung Foong Liu Hou Chan Pham Tran Bui Chapoux Huynh Nguyen Pham Phan Tran Nguyen Carmen Lam Truong Lee Qlkh Tran Chau Quach Tang Thanh Dinh Duong Liu Wen Povoa Wong Chu China Nguyen Pham Hoang Phan Tran Huynh Dao Dang Bui Thanh Nguyen Hoang Lam Dang Duong Mai Bui Quoc Tran Nguyen Lai Vodinh Pham Truong Ngo Nhu Thanh Slung Yiu Sham Lawrence Yan Kenny Chong Lam Patrick Mabel Ellie Huy Hauw Nyan Zhuu Jauw Tjiam Bui Tung Nguyen Huynh Weng Leong Daric Lee Shek Lie Tang Boi Lay Jack Cheung Sung Nguyen Chan Chau Lam Pham Mok Zauzage Pham Ann Ling Manh Pham Tran Dinh Dang Doan Hsiung Cao Teodoro Cal Liao Siew Bernadette Kwong Fely Maribel Teresita Kenneth Morgun Dzheyms Jacob Chun Meifan Lee Van Imn Choy Hau Lim Ting Peng Nguyen Chailert Nguyen Liam Nguyen Hoang Tung Lotus Tanin May Punyangkurl Guay Tung Jiamsaijai Zaa Smanthap Luong Hoang Hung


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 5701
  2. Canada = 152
  3. Hong Kong = 89
  4. UK = 54
  5. Malaysia = 52
  6. Germany = 41
  7. Singapore = 36
  8. Australia = 33
  9. Norway = 26
  10. Brazil = 18




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