Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 69+ people named Tuncel
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Famous people:

Tuncel Kurtiz is a Turkish theatre, movie and TV series actor, playwright and film director.
Sebahat Tuncel is a pro-Kurdish Zaza politician, women’s rights advocate, former nurse and member of Parliament in Turkey.



Web Summary:

Tuncel is currently working as a professor in the same department.
Tuncel is the official foreign affairs representative for the dtp.
Tuncel is one of the founders of the democratic society party.
Tuncel is one of the parliamentarians who joined the peace.
Tuncel is a managing director of emerging sovereign group.

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Common surnames for Tuncel:

       Adnan Yegulalp Yusuf Mariel Ibrahim Huseyin Gokiepinar Ertem Dogan Teslime Kasikci Akay Cevizli Eshmene Orhan Urun Yurdakul Donmez Eroglu Guney Ozkaya Percin Bülent Biyikli Fatma Imer Hoca Erdinc Olguner Oka Eren Alacayir Toprak Evcen Var Tuba


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Top Countries:
  1. Turkey = 23
  2. USA = 14
  3. Germany = 10
  4. UK = 7
  5. France = 5
  6. Austria = 3
  7. Norway = 3
  8. Canada = 1
  9. Denmark = 1
  10. Sweden = 1




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