Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 398+ people named Tunc
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Famous people:

Tunc Ucyildiz is a Turkish surfer who has won Turkey's first national surfing title in October 2012.



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Tunc is a formal judgment which is made retroactively effective to avoid injustice.
Tunc is hereby granted retroactive to the date of filing of the original motion.
Tunc is to memorialize what has previously occurred but failed to be recorded.
Tunc is improper when attempting to cure a judicial error.
Tunc is certainly akin to an application for state post.

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       Tevfik Ozlu Ozer Sozerman Feza Hoscan Kulur Demirayak Sen Ibrahim Adsoy Aybak Deler Donmez Doru Gonul Gurel Ilgin Nedjip Sakalli Bulent Burusukoglu Durmaz Goksel Guler Gur Halici Bolluk Anne Taylan Ozkan Sevilgen Topuz Abali Satis Oezmen Madanoglu Sen Kilicarslan Cowboys Doganay Pekyer Erler Tunc Can Turel Liman Kaplan Yaraman Kutukcuoglu Aydogdu Ikikardes Aydin Danisman Ulusoy Yanikkaya Timur Tanri Tonger Kaya Kertmen Dogan Ozcivelek Alyanak


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Top Countries:
  1. Turkey = 263
  2. USA = 81
  3. UK = 19
  4. Germany = 13
  5. France = 8
  6. Switzerland = 3
  7. Austria = 2
  8. Norway = 2
  9. Australia = 2
  10. Sweden = 2




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