Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 49+ people named Tumer
The popularity rank is #N/A

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Tumer is closest to that which would result from each potential routing decision.
Tumer is the league leader in service aces per game at 0.
Tumer is expected to start in office soon.
Tumer is in the back upper part of head.
Tumer is heavily marked 72 substitution.

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Common surnames for Tumer:

       Gary Amos Huseyin Linda Eren Sayman Richard Bates Laurie Bahcheli Akkir Mehmet Sedat Amanak Ozdemir Yasar Morin Tsybikov Guven Uslu Aydogdu Yesil Eren Garip Dogrusoy Gundem Pala Kutay


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Top Countries:
  1. Turkey = 24
  2. USA = 12
  3. France = 5
  4. UK = 4
  5. Canada = 3
  6. Switzerland = 1




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