Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 161+ people named Tuma
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Marina Tumas is a Belarusian volleyball player.
Romeu Tuma was a Brazilian politician and a former director of the Federal Police.



Web Summary:

Tuma is guilty on the charge of omitting huge numbers of good poets.
Tuma is a professor of economics at the university of california.
Tuma is the area of the forest the aka were forced to occupy.
Tuma is professor emeritus at the university of california.
Tuma is the 1st candidate in the race to sign the pledge.

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Common surnames for Tuma:

       Hazel Richard Ceylan Hallajian Kelly Jan Kevin Barry Marie David Geilani Jeilan Jabbi Kama Malise Aboud Salah Ercan Ermagan Karanur Ozkur Yikik Petri Comercial Ali Joachim Tai Tuma Baibe Reiner Litvin Chistyakov Krymov Yulia Kukushkin Lebedev Mongush Timchenko Nikolaev Duru Cicek Akay


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 111
  2. Germany = 8
  3. UK = 8
  4. Czech Republic = 7
  5. Sweden = 6
  6. France = 5
  7. Brazil = 4
  8. Belgium = 2
  9. India = 2
  10. Argentina = 1




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