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Worldwide there are 123+ people named Tulu
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Famous people:

Derartu Tulu is an Ethiopian long distance track, road and marathon athlete.



Web Summary:

Tulu is a third year science student from mississauga and runner on the.
Tulu is a fierce looking but actually benevolent aspect of the founder.
Tulu is only permitted to wrestle with a camel in the same group.
Tulu is the mother tongue of large number of netizens here.
Tulu is the oldest language to of the five major dr.

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Common surnames for Tulu:

       Shawn Tanrikorur Teofilo Nukta Wossen Paisa Shetaye Yandall Gurung Tai Bisiriyu Awofadeju Bolawole Ozdemir Paoba Sen Yelkovan Gurakan Silveira Obie Icozu Icözü Robert Peninah Harder Andrews Islam Aytemiz Veyisoglu Dulge Taskin Halbuni Ulgen Siyavus Arslan Atesli Akdemir


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Top Countries:
  1. India = 45
  2. USA = 38
  3. Turkey = 24
  4. UK = 3
  5. France = 2
  6. Australia = 2
  7. New Zealand = 2
  8. Kenya = 2
  9. Pakistan = 1
  10. Austria = 1




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