Gender: Feminine


Worldwide there are 1003+ people named Tullia
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Tullia Zevi was an Italian journalist and writer.
Tullia Magrini was an Italian anthropologist, Associate Professor of Anthropology of Music at the University of Bologna, Italy.


Name Tullia means Peaceful

Web Summary:

Tullia is a board certified hypnotherapist.
Tullia is running for director of region 2.
Tullia is said to have murdered her father.
Tullia is the subject of the verb.
Tullia is the daughter of the.

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Common surnames for Tullia:

       Gattinelli Schaffer Petronglo Lupetti Diagostini Ricci Salvatore Elliott Sanzone Villanova Borcea Begaj Borelli Buck Galizia Capovilla Dodge Giersberg Hellyn Waddell Minervini Abbo Agostinetti Alghisi Aloisio Amarante Amorosi Anastasi Andreasi Andreis Andreoli Aftalion Benesse Bordeau Bousquet Cacchia Ciraci Convenant Facchinetti Gauthier Guibentif Price Jack Hookins Connor Gilarry Balla Casseb Dahlgaard Faelli Frediani Antivari Melandri Villanova Galvani Rosenlund Westermark Jidenius Sydow Aquilino Frangi


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Top Countries:
  1. Italy = 874
  2. USA = 69
  3. UK = 18
  4. France = 14
  5. Switzerland = 8
  6. Sweden = 7
  7. Australia = 5
  8. Germany = 2
  9. Romania = 1
  10. Chile = 1




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