Gender: Feminine


Worldwide there are 544+ people named Tulika
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Famous people:

Tulika Ganguly , is an Indian singer who works in Bollywood films, as well as reality shows.


Name Tulika means bristles of paint brush

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Tulika is working here as a house officer.
Tulika is very close to both of us.
Tulika is used for brushes.

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       Aggarwal Joshi Srivastava Thapliyal Narain Gupta Bhatia Chandra Bose Puri Balachander Byce Das Jha Jhingran Maheshwari Mittal Oommen Pandey Prasad Rajouria Mishra Chattopadhyay Srivastava Bose Ahuja Mitra Chatterjee Anand Vaish Bhattacharya Acharya Karan Singh Banerjee Srivastava Dhar Sinha Kapoor Chatterjee Jhunjhnuwala Singh Mitra Prasad Kumar Shanker Chatterjee Prakash Shrivastava Srivastava Sud Singh


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Top Countries:
  1. India = 424
  2. USA = 71
  3. UK = 18
  4. Singapore = 11
  5. Australia = 8
  6. United Arab Emirates = 7
  7. Hong Kong = 2
  8. Thailand = 1
  9. Denmark = 1
  10. New Zealand = 1




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