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Worldwide there are 11+ people named Tuladhar
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Famous people:

Pushpa Sundar Tuladhar was a prominent merchant of Kathmandu and one of the chief donors to the restoration of the Swayambhu stupa in 1918.
Karuna Ratna Tuladhar was a pioneer of Nepalese public transport.
Mandas Tuladhar was a Nepalese Buddhist scholar, Nepal Bhasa activist and pioneer publisher.
Lupau Ratna Tuladhar was a Nepalese trader and transport pioneer.
Triratna Man Tuladhar was one of the largest Nepalese traders in traditional Tibet and the president of the Nepalese Chamber of Commerce, Lhasa in the 1940s.
Kul Ratna Tuladhar was the first chief engineer of Nepal's Public Works Department where he served since its establishment in 1951 till 1957.
Tara Devi Tuladhar was Nepal's first female blood donor and social worker who dedicated her life to serving society.



Common surnames for Tuladhar:

       Sanjay Lobsang Prakash Usnik Anil Pranaya Dawa Romola Tribhuvan Eros


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