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Tuf is proud to offer tools and hand tooling which are manufactured to exacting specifications.
Tuf is expected to stimulate the demand and we are fully geared to meet any surge in demand.
Tuf is a troweled floor that provides outstanding wear and abrasion resistance.
Tuf is a little more experienced and should come away with a close win.
Tuf is produced by vacuum induction melting and remelting techniques.

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       Faryniak Sanchez Meagher Yuan Frederickson Morrison Ross Phillips Krumm Miller Man Krenchel Asia Mulokwa Lustrum Vuuren Ioane Pornchai Turgut


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 10
  2. India = 2
  3. Australia = 1
  4. Iran = 1
  5. Kenya = 1
  6. Turkey = 1
  7. Thailand = 1
  8. New Zealand = 1




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