Gender: Unisex: (14% feminine, 86%masculine)


Worldwide there are 9321+ people named Tucker
The popularity rank is #3035

Famous people:

Preston Thomas Tucker was an American automobile designer and entrepreneur.
Maureen Ann "Moe" Tucker is a musician best known for having been the drummer for the rock group The Velvet Underground.
Chris topher "Chris" Tucker is an American actor and comedian.
Richard Tucker was an American operatic tenor.
Darcy Tucker career with the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Alando Forest Tucker is an American professional basketball player.
Jonathan Moss Tucker is an American film and television actor.


Name Tucker means Folder Of The Cloth

Common surnames for Tucker:

       Glenn Marc Tagiyev Ramsay Douglas Leeann Triolo Kathleen Ronald Henry Armit Hironaka Rosette Forsyth Rolfe Kevin Butler Sellars Kennedy Francis Clarissa Swartz Gemma Kalibbala Kula Kyle Sally Uriel Zendah Zenda Hall Neale Lyndell Kathy Carly Cullen Warwick Trevor Adelaide Zengerle Clive Barrows Davis Michaela Coswell Hudson Grinnan Donkin Saitoh Douglas Wong Chan Karaan Dredger Roderik Penelope William Chambers Rossmaessler Vorster Wood Ratchford Elkins Norfolk Pacheco


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 9250
  2. Canada = 25
  3. UK = 11
  4. Australia = 8
  5. Thailand = 4
  6. Sweden = 2
  7. Hong Kong = 2
  8. India = 2
  9. United Arab Emirates = 2
  10. Malaysia = 2




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