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Worldwide there are 7+ people named Tsurumi
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Famous people:

Toshitaka Tsurumi is a Japanese football player currently playing for Gainare Tottori.
Koko Tsurumi is a Japanese artistic gymnast.
Shingo Tsurumi is a Japanese actor.
Shuji Tsurumi is a Japanese gymnast and Olympic champion.
Tomoyoshi Tsurumi is a former Japanese football player who played for Ventforet Kofu, Shimizu S-Pulse, and Cerezo Osaka in the J.



Web Summary:

Tsurumi is a leading submersible pump manufacturer.
Tsurumi is torpedoed by dutch submarine k.
Tsurumi is backed by a two year warranty.
Tsurumi is shining white over the plaza.
Tsurumi is aimed at the following.

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       Akiko Conner Madina Soj Ryusuke Mari Keiko


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Top Countries:
  1. Japan = 4
  2. USA = 2
  3. Indonesia = 1




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