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Worldwide there are 29+ people named Tsunami
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Satoshi Tsunami player.



Web Summary:

Tsunami is a catastrophic ocean wave that usually occurs in the pacific ocean.
Tsunami is a large wave caused when water is displaced within the ocean.
Tsunami is a series of sea waves caused by underwater earthquakes.
Tsunami is taken from two japanese words which mean harbor wave.
Tsunami is a series of ocean waves generated by any rapid large.

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       Roberts Garcia Gomez Sawyers Factor Langston Vanwinkle Woodside Forest Zarbi Aceh Zawa Katsuya Dhunqooye Pub Kaitlin Nwachukwu Music London Ofcourse Wasabi Kadir Ceylan Bacallao Tsunami Cici


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 10
  2. Turkey = 6
  3. India = 3
  4. Kenya = 2
  5. Brazil = 2
  6. Indonesia = 2
  7. UK = 1
  8. France = 1
  9. Japan = 1
  10. Nigeria = 1




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