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Worldwide there are 72+ people named Tsuji
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Famous people:

Nozomi Sugiura is a Japanese tarento.
Jun Tsuji, later Ryūkitsu Mizushima was a Japanese author: a poet, essayist, playwright, and translator.
Yuka Tsuji is a Japanese female mixed martial artist whose nickname is Vale Tudo Queen.
Masaki Tsuji and films as well as mystery fiction novels.
Shinpachi Tsuji is a Japanese voice actor.
Kunio Tsuji was a Japanese author, novelist, and scholar of French literature.
Shintaro Tsuji is the founder of Sanrio Co.
Hatsuhiko Tsuji was a professional baseball player for the Seibu Lions in Nippon Professional Baseball.
Ayano Tsuji is a J-Pop singer famous in her native Japan for her unconventional light singing style and ukulele music.
Hitonari Tsuji is a Tokyo-born Japanese writer, composer, and film director.
Hiroko Tsuji is a Japanese former gymnast who competed in the 1964 Summer Olympics.
Tsuji Gettan Sukemochi was a Japanese swordsman who founded the kenjutsu of Mugai-ryū in 1695.
Chie Tsuji is a volleyball player from Japan.



Common surnames for Tsuji:

       Celeste Yoshiki Yohko Kenechi Yoshiye Jeffry Craig Hatsuko Hisako Paul Tatsyoshi Kumiko Sanae Takahiro Masayoshi Takashi Hiromichi Hiroko Ryoji Michiyo Kazuhisa Masataka Eiichi


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 48
  2. Japan = 20
  3. France = 2
  4. Brazil = 1
  5. Canada = 1




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