Gender: Unisex: (33% feminine, 67%masculine)


Worldwide there are 138+ people named Tsoi
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Richard Tsoi is a Hong Kong politician and the incumbent vice-chairman of the Democratic Party.
Viktor Robertovich Tsoi was a Soviet musician, songwriter, leader of the band Kino.
Tsoi Ngai Won is a Hong Kong sprint canoer who competed the mid 1980s.



Common surnames for Tsoi:

       Wendy Chan Pan Hong Fan Brian Song Peter Liang Yue Yeung Wai Anthony Queenie Lun Kit Philip Eric Man Fat Kong Lin Sunday Jeannalyn William Min Sau Shun Chueng Susie Soledad Machiu Michael Vladimir Fan Soong Leo William Man Priscilla


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 61
  2. Hong Kong = 53
  3. Philippines = 13
  4. Singapore = 6
  5. Canada = 2
  6. UK = 1
  7. Malaysia = 1
  8. New Zealand = 1




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