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Worldwide there are 4+ people named Tshabalala
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Famous people:

Thandi Tshabalala is a South African cricketer who plays first-class cricket for the Eagles as a specialist off spinner.
Vincent Vesele Tshabalala is a South African professional golfer.
Velile Tshabalala is an English actress, known for portraying Kareesha Lopez in Kerching! and Rosita in the 2008 Doctor Who special, "The Next Doctor".
Courage Tshabalala was a heavily-hyped professional boxer in the heavyweight division in the 1990s.
Daniel "Sailor" Tshabalala is a retired South African football defender.
Evelina Tshabalala , a South African marathon runner and mountaineer, has climbed Mount Aconcagua and Mount Kilimanjaro.
Sipho Tshabalala is considered to be one of the most influential Swazi novelists during the British occupation of Swaziland.



Common surnames for Tshabalala:

       Maneo Benard Constance Prescot Desmond


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