Gender: Unisex: (33% feminine, 67%masculine)


Worldwide there are 759+ people named Tsering
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Tsering Wangdu Shakya is a historian and widely cited expert on Tibetan literature and modern Tibet and its relationship with China.
Tsering Wangchuk , is a Tibetan physicians and the current minister for Health of the Central Tibetan Administration Biography Dr.
Tsering Chungtak is a Tibetan beauty queen who represented Tibet in the 2006 edition of the environmentally oriented beauty pageant, Miss Earth.
Tempa Tsering is the Representative of 14th Dalai Lama in New Delhi and member of the Tibetan Government in Exile.
Tsering Dhundup is a Tibetan football player and political activist from Dehradun.
Tsering Wangmo Dhompa is the first Tibetan female poet to be published in English.



Common surnames for Tsering:

       Taylor Gurung Nelung Dolma Wangmo Samphel Lhungay Ngodup Bum Smith Gyatso Lineen Rongae Samker Tsomo Sergong Nanglo Sundup Arya Chokey Bacle Bodh Chodon Chodron Chozom Chretien Karalus Dolkar Dolma Dorjee Chodon Chokey Dhamcho Dhondup Khero Lafont Tashi Dolma Samdup Phuntsok Choenden Thinley Kyab Lama Gendun Tsering Gonpo Teundroup Chodon Swiatecka Phurbu Johnson Samdup Hepsø Nannestad Dakpa Topden Mckenzie Jordhen Choezom Tsalung Christen Phurtag Baru Taksham Choedon Yangchen Chemi


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  1. USA = 511
  2. India = 136
  3. Switzerland = 31
  4. UK = 27
  5. Canada = 27
  6. Australia = 9
  7. France = 7
  8. Norway = 3
  9. Austria = 2
  10. New Zealand = 1




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