Gender: Unisex: (27% feminine, 73%masculine)


Worldwide there are 1179+ people named Tse
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Paul Tse Wai-chun is a Hong Kong solicitor, who advertises himself as the "Superman of Law".
Kay Tse is a Hong Kong Cantopop songwriter, recording-artist, entertainer and one of the premier Cantonese singers.
Michael Tse Tin-wah is a Hong Kong TVB actor.
Patrick Tse Yin is a Hong Kong actor, producer, screenwriter and director in Hong Kong cinema.
Charlene Tse Ning , also known as Shallin Tse, is a Hong Kong-based Chinese actress and winner of the 1985 Miss Hong Kong Pageant.
Kenneth Tse 謝德驥 is a Chinese American classical saxophonist.
Daniel Tse Chi-wai is the chair of the University Council of the University of Macau.



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       Wong Huang Maritza Chau Fan Chen Tan Shum Ching Norman Chan Wong Lin Lee Liu Shiferaw Lau Nip Cheung Choi Chau Ooi Dorjee Mun Loong Choo Lim Liow Lin Nkaba Shen Liu Cheng Elston Nih Ben John Choo Angus Tan Social Chung Lien Lin Wan Molina Shee Gati Pablo Zisis Lun Tracy Kui Chips Lincoln Wan Kiu Gloria Yip Tse Switzer Tyaning Djiang Goh Ghon Kee Zap Yong Tan Lim Leong Ngeam Yap Lee Ang Chan Pang Fan Wong Kao Tang Taranaki Suzi Ping Juliet Yonnie Elsa Nelson Chi Savin Elvis Losha Angel Maxim Sanka Taras Yurchik Yandex Afera Chia Chen Willy Toh Lin Chew Kang Tan Thio Lim Simelane Khumalo Hough Mlitwa Cheung Lim Lee


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 770
  2. Hong Kong = 230
  3. Singapore = 49
  4. UK = 32
  5. Canada = 27
  6. Malaysia = 16
  7. Australia = 14
  8. India = 10
  9. Philippines = 6
  10. South Africa = 4




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