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Worldwide there are 20+ people named Tsanko
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Tsanko Nikolaev Tsvetanov was a Bulgarian football player, left-back and currently assistant coach in the Bulgarian national team.
Tsanko Hristov Dyustabanov was a Bulgarian revolutionary and participant in the April uprising of 1876.



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Common surnames for Tsanko:

       Kosev Tsolov Stoev Andrey Penchev Zhekov Lashkov Dimov Ninov Valchev Tsankov Tsankov Tsankov Tsanov Gadjaloff Hristov Ivanov Momkov Arabadzhiev Tsanev Chavdarov Oxana Tsanko Yotsov Ivanov Simeonov Tsankov Feodorov Minkov


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 8
  2. UK = 4
  3. Spain = 3
  4. Sweden = 2
  5. Mexico = 1
  6. Norway = 1
  7. Greece = 1




20+6-1 = ?