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Worldwide there are 30+ people named Tsakiris
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Famous people:

Athanassios "Thanasis" Tsakiris is a Greek biathlete and cross-country skier.
Shaun Nikolas Tsakiris is a retired American soccer player who last played as a Midfielder for the Rochester Rhinos in USL Pro.
Panagiota Tsakiri is a Greek biathlete and cross-country skier.



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       Philip Monica Fotis Irene Michael Athanassios Yanni Dimitrios Mary John Panagiotis Sotiris Basilis Giannis Antonis Ioannis Grammenos


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 21
  2. Greece = 6
  3. UK = 1
  4. Germany = 1
  5. Sweden = 1




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