Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 4907+ people named Trygve
The popularity rank is #6727

Famous people:

Trygve Smith was a Norwegian tennis player.
Trygve Halvdan Lie was a Norwegian politician, labour leader, government official and author.
Trygve Seim and composer, partner and parent with Åsne Seierstad.
Trygve Emanuel Gulbranssen was a Norwegian novelist, businessman and journalist.
Trygve Mikkjel Heyerdahl Reenskaug is a Norwegian computer scientist and professor emeritus of the University of Oslo.
Trygve Stokstad was a Norwegian boxer who competed in the 1920 Summer Olympics and in the 1924 Summer Olympics.
Trygve Jens Asbjørn Olsen was a Norwegian politician for the Centre Party.
Trygve Brodahl was a Norwegian cross country skier who competed during the 1930s.
Trygve Haugeland was a Norwegian politician for the Centre Party.
Trygve Braarud was a Norwegian botanist.
Trygve Helgaker is professor of chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo, Norway.
Trygve Utheim was a Norwegian jurist and politician for the Liberal Party.


Name Trygve means Courageous victor

Web Summary:

Trygve is currently doing on the ooram methodology.
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Trygve is liable to change this situation.
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       Skaflestad Pedersen Stange Dalen Tallaksen Peterson Tholfsen Hansen Madsen Fladen Skumlien Blix Arnet Thompson Hoy Wenn Jenssen Pileberg Ellingsen Arnason Skiftesvik Bergsaker Bowitz Hansen Hegnar Hofland Kroepelien Urdahl Jackson Roeck Schotte Langfeldt Degnbol Tvedberg Jessing Engen Sarup Dam Engedal Andersen Laub Hansen Reksten Kummel Roos Nyman Vidlund Lundqvist Byskata Ehrnrooth Bergman Ekbom Wiklund Holland Ramadhan Norman Berthelsen Olfarnes Bjerke Steintun Kleppe Lindstrøm Utne Flak Solvang Opseth Hepsø Langlo Johannesen Dyrlie Slette Nilsen Seim Gravdal Randa Hansen Niemi Breimo Dokk Gannholm Engelbert Areschoug Nordwall Jensen Allstadt Windingstad


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Top Countries:
  1. Norway = 4393
  2. USA = 348
  3. Sweden = 78
  4. Denmark = 38
  5. Canada = 16
  6. Finland = 10
  7. France = 6
  8. Germany = 3
  9. Singapore = 3
  10. Switzerland = 2




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