Gender: Unisex: (25% feminine, 75%masculine)


Worldwide there are 9485+ people named Sullivan
The popularity rank is #2980

Famous people:

Louis Henry Sullivan was an American architect, and has been called the "father of skyscrapers" and "father of modernism".
John Sullivan was an American General in the Revolutionary War, a delegate in the Continental Congress and a United States federal judge.
Neil Sullivan is an English-born Scottish professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Football League One side Doncaster Rovers.


Name Sullivan means Black-Eyed

Common surnames for Sullivan:

       Corcoran Julie Evan John Geraldine Wroblewski Crystal Eileen Patrick Dorothy Don Hamilton Savoie Ralph Brian Kleist Frechette Trepanier Stanford Poiazzi Abazie Anno Berthier Bever Gullion Imbert Kiyar Rymarz Tama Neil Brega Pinelli Politto Setti Tamelli Adam Addiego Agesilas Agneray Aguesse Aime Alier Allal Alvarez Amoneau Michael Mai Mark David John Hollands Margaret Mcintyre Julie Sue Catherine Brion Vos Callens Ogeda Santos Feres Souza Silva Camillo Lopes Caldeira Vicente Camargo Scott Adwubi Chan Fon Novel Kilindung Michael Rene Cortes Hayley Brell Leonard Faberman Mgbendi Akala Odike Chime Onyenwe Nordrum John Damen T├ónia Michael Colleen Daniel Robert Ronald Samuel Sandra Tronchet Buchs Sananikone Courault Polyvko Kiev Gomez


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 8932
  2. France = 477
  3. Australia = 17
  4. UK = 16
  5. Canada = 13
  6. Nigeria = 5
  7. Italy = 5
  8. New Zealand = 4
  9. Indonesia = 3
  10. Argentina = 2




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