Gender: Unisex: (50% feminine, 50%masculine)


Worldwide there are 4203+ people named Suellen
The popularity rank is #4942

Famous people:

Suellen Rocca is a Chicago artist, one of the original Chicago Imagists, a group in the 1960s and 1970s who turned to representational art.


Name Suellen means Lily Variant Of Susannah In The Apocryphal Book Of Tobit Susannah Courageously Defended Herself Agai

Common surnames for Suellen:

       Saraiva Bock Roth Gerena Kanach Rocca Keller Surman Edwards Tait Ward Dunn Glenn Wood Briggs Weaver Mills Robert Cowden Dainty Etchingham Gant Goode Gusmao Heathcote Imianowski Ingeson Ingleson Angelucci Giannini Lepri Noto Turco Baltus Bendahmane Boroi Cabaret Daviere Fornes Izuegbu Prevost Trouve Dornbrook Honorio Carvalho Knutsen Davidson Roy Drysdale Irvine Fuller Jackson Lister Cotter Cook Wilbers Gouveia Leite Alves Cravo Martins Stefenoni Santos Surlo Sanitá Barbosa Menezes Tomlinson Murzello Nielsen Santana Feeney Liu Teh Ruiz Dam Robb Mcalpin Maldonado Yuen Beare Escanta Eserp Escantamburlo Higino Catallan Bonga Yui


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 3458
  2. Brazil = 583
  3. Australia = 100
  4. UK = 20
  5. France = 9
  6. Canada = 9
  7. Italy = 5
  8. United Arab Emirates = 3
  9. India = 3
  10. New Zealand = 2




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