Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 197+ people named Subramania
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Musiri Subramania Iyer was a Carnatic vocalist who's stage performing career spanned the 1920s to the 1940s.
Patnam Subramania Iyer was a composer and singer of Carnatic music.
Mahadeva Subramania Mani was an Indian entomologist especially famous for his studies on high altitude entomology.
Pennathur Subramania Iyer was an Indian lawyer and philanthropist who is best known as the founder of the P.



Common surnames for Subramania:

       Loganathan Hariharan Sundaram Ananthakrishnan Ramakrishnan Ramachandran Dharmarajan Jayashree Krishnan Lakshmanan Sudharsanan Thangasamy Muraleetharan Karthikeyan Logeswaran Ratnasingam Sritharan Sasisekaran Ramakrishnan Venkatesh Rajagopal Rajan Balakrishnan Muralidharan


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 125
  2. India = 58
  3. UK = 3
  4. France = 3
  5. United Arab Emirates = 2
  6. Australia = 2
  7. Canada = 1
  8. Switzerland = 1
  9. Malaysia = 1
  10. Singapore = 1




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