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Worldwide there are 362+ people named Sturm
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Famous people:

Marco Johann Sturm is a German professional ice hockey winger who is currently playing for K├Âlner Haie of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga.
Felix Sturm is a German boxer.
Jacob Sturm was a leading engraver of entomological and botanical scientific publications in Germany at the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century.
Hans Sturm was a German football player.
Ralf Sturm is a retired German football player.
Wilhelm 'Willi' Sturm was a German football player.
Florian Sturm is an Austrian footballer.
Lacey Nicole Sturm is an American singer-songwriter from Arlington, Texas.
Johannes was a German educator, influential in the design of the Gymnasium system of secondary education.


Name Sturm means Sturm. 1192.

Common surnames for Sturm:

       Dorothy Karen Angelina Marlene Thomas Charles Cynthia Madeline Catherine Janet Armin Foyer Tidiane Sebastian Daniela Robert Ruediger Sandra Christian Jan Danny Unger Roosendaal Vogel Reiter


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 347
  2. Germany = 3
  3. France = 2
  4. Belgium = 2
  5. Serbia = 1
  6. Israel = 1
  7. UK = 1
  8. Argentina = 1
  9. Austria = 1
  10. Switzerland = 1




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