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Worldwide there are 122+ people named Sturges
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Famous people:

Preston Sturges , originally Edmund Preston Biden, was an American playwright, screenwriter and film director born in Chicago, Illinois.
Matthew Sturges is an American writer of comics and fantasy novels.
Edward M Sturges was an English rower, a behind-the-lines marines officer in World War II and a fitness enthusiast who ran an elite gymnasium in London.
Edmund Sturge , was a Quaker businessman and campaigner for liberal causes.
David Philip Sturge is a former British rower who competed for Great Britain in the 1976 Summer Olympics.
John Eliot Sturges was an American film director.
Jonathan Sturges was an American lawyer, jurist and politician from Fairfield, Connecticut.
William Sturges-Bourne PC , known as William Sturges until 1803, was a British Tory politician.
Jock Sturges is an American photographer, best known for his images of nude adolescents and their families.
Shannon Sturges is an American actress, best known for her role as Reese Burton Peterson in The WB primetime soap opera Savannah.
Graeme Lindsay Sturges is an Australian politician.
Rush Sturges is an American professional whitewater kayaker, film maker, and musician.



Common surnames for Sturges:

       Fuyo Shelton Roger Manuel James Teresa Magdalena Joseph Thomas Daniel Bonita


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