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Worldwide there are 252+ people named Stumpf
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Carl Stumpf was a German philosopher and psychologist.
Reinhard Stumpf is a German ex-footballer who played as a center-back and presently work as a football coach.
Christian Stumpf is a retired Austrian football player and a coach who is currently a manager with SPG LASK Linz II/Schwanenstadt.
John Stumpf became Chairman for Wells Fargo & Company in January 2010.
George Frederick Stumpf was a Major League Baseball player.
Manfred Stumpf is a German draftsman, sculptor, and digital artist.



Common surnames for Stumpf:

       Veronica Mary John Danuta Cheryl Michael Rudolf Anne Diane Gladys Jessica Osório Lisiane Sebastian Felix Maria Roland Gábor Andras Viki Zsuzsa Istvan Zoltán Leoni Hugo


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 236
  2. Hungary = 8
  3. Germany = 3
  4. Belgium = 2
  5. Spain = 1
  6. Serbia = 1
  7. Brazil = 1




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