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Worldwide there are 45+ people named Strati
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Ermir Strati is an Albanian football player.
Stratis Myrivilis , a major figure in the literary history of 20th Century Greece, is the pseudonym of Efstratios Stamatopoulos.
Strati Iliev playing for Botev Kozloduy as a midfielder.
Saimir Strati is an Albanian mosaic artist.


Name Strati means from the greek names strati stratis ; see also the bulgarian name strati

Common surnames for Strati:

       Papageorge Cynthia Anthony Kenneth Vourakis Floutsis Joseph Karen Frank Gabrielle Georgopoulos Peev Doucas Bulamaci Adinani Fourniotakis Ghiaouras Karamitros Maniopoulos Karamitros Anagnostou Valavani Eleni Ypsilanti Qirjollari


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 28
  2. France = 6
  3. Greece = 4
  4. Canada = 3
  5. Romania = 2
  6. Australia = 1
  7. Belgium = 1




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