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Worldwide there are 4+ people named Stoykov
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Famous people:

Todor Stoykov is a Bulgarian professional basketball player.
Veselin Stoykov is a Bulgarian footballer, who plays as a striker for Bansko.
Stoyko Ivanov Stoykov was a Bulgarian linguist.
Angel Georgiev Stoykov is a retired Bulgarian footballer, he played as a midfielder.
Maksim Stoykov is a Bulgarian footballer who currently plays as a midfielder for Vidima-Rakovski.
Zlatan Kirilov Stoykov Chief of the General Staff of the Bulgarian Army, since 1 June 2006.
Vesselin Stoykov is a German opera singer and manager, from Bulgarian origin.
Dame Stoykov is a Bulgarian judoka.



Common surnames for Stoykov:

       Gueorgui Alexandre Todor Illya Ivanovich


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