Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 40+ people named Stoyanov
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Famous people:

Ivan Stoyanov may refer to: Ivan Stoyanov , Bulgarian footballer This disambiguation page lists articles about people with the same name.
Kostadin Stoyanov Stoyanov is a Bulgarian footballer.
Svetoslav Stoyanov is a male badminton player originally from Bulgaria, but later competed for France.
Ilian Stoyanov is a former Bulgarian football defender.
Stanislav Petrov Stoyanov is a former Bulgarian football midfielder, who has spent most of his career at Cherno More Varna.
Vladislav Boykov Stoyanov is a Bulgarian footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Ludogorets Razgrad and the Bulgarian national football team.
Rumen Stoyanov is a Bulgarian football player, currently playing for Svetkavitsa as a midfielder.
Velcho Stoyanov , was a Bulgarian football player.
Kaloyan Stoyanov is a Bulgarian footballer, who currently plays as a forward for Bansko.
David Stoyanov playing for Minyor Pernik as a defender.
Petar Stefanov Stoyanov is a former President of Bulgaria from 1997 until 2002.
Zahari Stoyanov , was a Bulgarian revolutionary, writer, and historian.
Michael Stoyanov is an American actor and television writer.
Blagovest Stoyanov is a Bulgarian sprint canoer who competed in the 1990s.
Nikola Stoyanov Mitov was a Bulgarian scientist, economist and financier.



Common surnames for Stoyanov:

       Peter Petar Sergei Genoveva Marin Konstantin Valko Stefanie Svetoslav Veselin Ivan Nikolay Galin Yasen Ned Stefan Hristo Stoyan Dmitry Arkasha Evgeny Serega Ruslanchik Nikolay Igorevich Elena Sergey Andrey Dmitriy


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  1. USA = 29
  2. Norway = 4
  3. UK = 4
  4. Germany = 2
  5. Australia = 1




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