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Worldwide there are 28+ people named Stolze
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Famous people:

Gerhard Stolze was a German tenor.
Greg Stolze is an American novelist and writer, whose work has mainly focused on properties derived from role-playing games.
Dorothy Stolze was a second basewoman who played from 1946 through 1952 for four different teams of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.
Evelyn Stolze is a German former swimmer.
Fritz Stolze was a German water polo player who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics.
Jim Stolze is an entrepreneur, author and public speaker.
Pierre Stolze He studied at École Normale Supérieure gaining a doctorate there with a thesis on science fiction.
Kurt-Heinz Stolze was a German pianist, harpsichordist and composer.
Karl-August Stolze is a German former sailor who competed in the 1960 Summer Olympics and in the 1968 Summer Olympics.



Common surnames for Stolze:

       Frank Marguerite Dyanne Amy Stephen Carlo James Sheri Randy Deborah Lothar


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