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Worldwide there are 76+ people named Stoddart
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Famous people:

Andrew Ernest Stoddart was an English cricketer and rugby union player.
Morgan Lloyd Stoddart is a former Wales international rugby union player.
Shevon Stoddart is a Jamaican hurdler.
William Lee Stoddart was an architect best known for urban hotels in the eastern United States.
Alexander "Sandy" Stoddart is a Scottish sculptor, who, since 2008, has been Her Majesty's Sculptor in Ordinary in Scotland.
William Stoddart is a Scottish physician, author and "spiritual traveller", who has written several books on the philosophy of religions.
Hywel Stoddart is a Welsh rugby union player.
David Alexander "Dave" Stoddart was a businessman and political figure in British Columbia.



Common surnames for Stoddart:

       Victoria Ezra Susan George Judith Sara Collin Rudolph Douglas Pauld Lady Jane Kate Coast Anne Roy Read Henriquez


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 69
  2. Australia = 4
  3. New Zealand = 1
  4. UK = 1
  5. Venezuela = 1




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