Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 56+ people named Steyn
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Dale Willem Steyn is a South African cricketer who plays in Test and One Day International cricket for South Africa.
Mark Steyn is a Canadian-born writer, conservative-leaning political commentator, and cultural critic.
Martinus was a South African lawyer, politician, and statesman, sixth and last president of the independent Orange Free State from 1896 to 1902.
Christo Steyn , is a former South African tennis player.
Johan van Zyl Steyn, Baron Steyn is a South African/English jurist, and until September 2005 a Law Lord.
Pieter Steyn was Grand Pensionary of Holland from June 18, 1749 to November 5, 1772.
Stella Steyn was an Irish artist.
Stephen Sebastian Leonard Steyn was a Scottish rugby union player.
Lucas Cornelius Steyn was Chief Justice of South Africa and, as such, acted as Governor-General on two occasions.
Dawie Steyn is a South African rugby union footballer.


Name Steyn means stone

Common surnames for Steyn:

       Van Petronella Douw Abram Leonard Howard Amanda Vanniekerk Andrew Van Benita Crous Liebenberg Sherrie Steenkamp Viljoen Haesen Houte Weymeersch Vantieghem Lommelen Spies Kotze Lottering Berens Afman Hellebrekers Burger Guijt Hamersveld Verhoeven Haas Huizinga Elshout Kruger Mark Johann Kroft Kok John Calitz Rensburg Swanepoel Delport Pienaar Perold Vos Wet Marais Hovell Orffer


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 24
  2. South Africa = 16
  3. UK = 5
  4. New Zealand = 2
  5. Thailand = 2
  6. United Arab Emirates = 2
  7. Canada = 1
  8. Australia = 1
  9. Norway = 1
  10. Singapore = 1




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