Gender: Unisex: (23% feminine, 77%masculine)


Worldwide there are 15271+ people named Sterling
The popularity rank is #2171

Famous people:

Sterling Marlin is a retired NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver.
Peter Maxwell John "Sterlo" Sterling OAM is an Australian rugby league commentator and former player.


Name Sterling means Genuine

Common surnames for Sterling:

       Pruitt Sample Cynthia Johnson Clara Lum Brown Kevin Jonas Lutz Cuthbert Moller Smith Cullen Macdonald Collins Langan Haines Johnson Maccallum Ibegbulam Amanda Pedgrify Seukeran Sobers Betancourt Blain Croft Forrest Chang Kwarts Mosse Seagrave Silver Purser Anderson John Seah Wedel Gallagher Collier Beezley Barber Pantalons Tracewell Rush Hayden Sena Irminger Gallery Setiadi Tracewell Paparello Bryson Hoffman Johnson Miheso Tools Sanado Search Bennett Barrington Huett Master Benjamin Robert Exchange Wiley Huang Udell Christensen Pettygrove Silver Mercedes Miquilena Laborde Stampone


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 14298
  2. Canada = 858
  3. India = 33
  4. UK = 33
  5. Australia = 16
  6. Japan = 3
  7. Malaysia = 3
  8. France = 3
  9. Venezuela = 3
  10. Sweden = 3




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