Gender: Feminine


Worldwide there are 2245+ people named Stephenson
The popularity rank is #8044

Famous people:

Neal Town Stephenson is an American writer known for his works of speculative fiction.
Robert Stephenson FRS was an English civil engineer.
Khari Stephenson is a Jamaican footballer who currently plays for Real Salt Lake in Major League Soccer.
Van Wesley Stephenson was an American singer-songwriter.
Dwight Eugene Stephenson is a former American football offensive lineman and a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame's class of 1998.
Garrett Charles Stephenson , is a retired Major League Baseball pitcher.


Name Stephenson means Crown

Common surnames for Stephenson:

       Carolyn Yanela Yvonne Debra Kerry Geraldine Mccoy Caren Tara Lorraine Judy Marvin Magee Mahabir Urhiofe Bleau Sandiford Daavid Deon Everton Greatorex Arinaitwe Obeng Kyereme Cambry Cantave Dominic John Mann Russ Oliva Gregory Cerqueira Diniz Muratori Martins Machado Bravo Francis Albert Fernandes Paul Anabrah Wani Nanegbe Akhere Shi Hiott Bill Purwonegoro Pandarkala Irimu Kodhek Kimeu Mwaniki Foo Liz Tega Agbobli Dada Christopher Leodivina Robert Malcolm Stephenson Abraham Liu Rocque


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 2173
  2. UK = 23
  3. India = 9
  4. Australia = 6
  5. Canada = 4
  6. Ghana = 4
  7. Kenya = 4
  8. United Arab Emirates = 3
  9. Nigeria = 3
  10. Indonesia = 2




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