Gender: Unknown


Worldwide there are 6598+ people named Stephens
The popularity rank is #3819

Famous people:

James Francis Stephens was an English entomologist and naturalist.
John Lloyd Stephens was an American explorer, writer, and diplomat.
Geoff rey 'Geoff' Stephens is an English songwriter and record producer, most prolific in the United Kingdom in the 1960s and 1970s.
Henry Pottinger Stephens, also known as Henry Beauchamp , was an English dramatist and journalist.
David Rhys Remington Stephens is a footballer who plays for Barnet as a defender.


Name Stephens means Crowned in victory.

Common surnames for Stephens:

       Terry Saint Linda Shawn Diane Charlene Martin Sidney Nancy James Landry Brethour Keziah Amie Obomese Bethan Ceri Needham Driscal Nettlemill Dacre Mounsey Tedray Barry Cassar Cavinato Clement Fuster Husson Lefebvre Nicholas Nimly Ramanantsoa Sharryn Elaine Margot Family Lorraine Chris Andree Stockdale George Church Marc Bruce Adams Ebere Uchechukwu Baffour Qaiser Philip David ├óngela Sheila Martin Sandra Peter Wong Baloyi Kgosana


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 6545
  2. UK = 15
  3. France = 11
  4. Australia = 8
  5. Nigeria = 3
  6. Canada = 3
  7. South Africa = 3
  8. Ghana = 2
  9. India = 2
  10. Singapore = 1




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