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Worldwide there are 8+ people named Stens
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Anna Sten was a Russian-born American silent film actress.
Sten Pentus is an Estonian racing driver.
Tiina Irene Sten is a Finnish basketball player, currently playing for Sedis Bàsquet in the Spanish League.
Sten Einar Stensen is a former speed skater.
Sten Sture Tolgfors is the manager and part owner of the business consulting firm Rud Pedersen and a former Swedish politician.
Sten Ljunggren is a Swedish character actor.
Sten Sture Andersson was a Swedish social democratic politician.
Sten Hjalmar Lindroth was a Swedish historian of learning and science.
Sten Lundin was a Swedish motocross racer.
Erik Sten is a former City Commissioner in Portland, Oregon, United States.


Name Stens means Short form of Kristense

Common surnames for Stens:

       Eugene Glorn Christensen Dieter Fontella Penny Amdi Shmelev


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 6
  2. Belgium = 1
  3. Sweden = 1




20+6-1 = ?