Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 670+ people named Stelvio
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Stelvio Cipriani , is an Italian composer, notably for motion picture soundtracks.
Stelvio Massi , sometimes credited "Max Steel", was an Italian director known for his "poliziotteschi" films.
Stelvio Mestrovich is a writer, musicologist, and critic born in Zadar, then part of Yugoslavia, today in Croatia.



Common surnames for Stelvio:

       Notari Zanin Storace Locci Vitali Giachello Pacchini Duarte Bandiera Piovesan Simonetti Barbon Carciofa Lionti Romeo Agostinelli Agus Alberico Alessandroni Alocci Amaolo Andreatta Andreis Andreucci Angeli Barbon Bolognese Delfrate Dondini Marangoni Perticara Priceless Vido Addonizio Rodrigues Albuquerque Stefani Mazza Kossmann Neto Rosa Viveiros Schmitt Life Salomone Attanasi Miccoli Pizzinis Pizzini


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Top Countries:
  1. Italy = 619
  2. USA = 11
  3. Brazil = 8
  4. France = 6
  5. Argentina = 6
  6. UK = 5
  7. Canada = 4
  8. Switzerland = 3
  9. Venezuela = 2
  10. Croatia = 2




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